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Pop N Pass

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Pop and Pass - It's the name AND the game!

Place one of the foam balls in the basket of your launcher and pull the handle back to load it. Then, with a quick push of the handle - POP! - the ball goes flying fast through the air!

Launch straight up and try to catch it again with your own launcher. Or, give the other launcher to a friend and play an intense game of Pop-n-Pass Catch.

Experience classic active play that's thrillingly unique with the fascinating game of Pop and Pass.

  • Game of catch using special foam ball launchers
  • Encourages active play, coordination, outdoor play, cooperative play
  • Catch the flying foam ball in the net of the launcher
  • Pull the handle back to load the ball, push to launch it with a fun POP!
  • Includes 2 launchers, 3 foam balls
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability, exceptional game play

Players 1 or 2

Ball Refills, also available

Age 6+

Over-sized package -- pick up at store, or call to arrange shipping