Hydrobot Arm Kit

Hydrobot Arm Kit

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Learn basic robotic technology and build your own Robotic Arm Wired Controlled!

This innovative robotic arm has an extensive range of motion through all pivot points. It's an introduction to Robotics and Mechanical Engineering that will excite young and old engineers. Five motors power five joints for optimal control and movement. Assembly is easy to navigate with no soldiering required- just diagonal clippers, a screw driver and your creative mind. Develop problem solving skills while you assemble and start operating your own robot arm.

Lifting capacity: 100 g (3.5 oz)
Horizontal reach 320 mm
Vertical reach 380 mm
Base rotation range 270 °
Base motion range 180 °
Elbow range 300 °
Wrist motion range 120 °
4 D batteries required but not included.

For engineers 12 and up.

TEACH TECH™ features robotic kits that explore renewable energy and coding! TEACH TECH™ follows the Learn By Doing® philosophy. Kids can enjoy hours of educational fun while boosting their confidence and critical thinking skills.

Products in this line appeal to anyone who enjoys using their hands to build, tinker, and bring to life their creations with movement, coding, and programming. Forward-thinking kids can explore alternative energy with kits that highlight solar, hydraulic, or wind power.