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Zig Zag Puzzler
Zig Zag Puzzler
Zig Zag Puzzler

Zig Zag Puzzler

Imaginuity Play with a Purpose

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Tilt your brain into a whole new perspective!

SmartGames Zig Zag Puzzler is a 3D puzzle game with two playing modes. Build a pyramid on one side of the gameboard or a zigzag on the other! Each side includes a booklet with 40 challenges. Its also a great travel game: with the included transparent lid you can solve any of Zigzag Puzzler's 80 challenges on the go! For ages 12+ its also one of the more challenging SmartGames ever made!

Zig Zag Puzzler

  • Angled shape-arranging brainteaser
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, logic, problem-solving, critical thinking
  • 2 unique ways to play!
  • Arrange the puzzle pieces into a zig-zaggy grid on one side
  • Flip it over and arrange them into a pyramid!
  • Each challenge starts with a few pieces already on the grid
  • Complete each challenge by fitting the rest of the puzzle pieces into the grid
  • Game board features lid for easy storage
  • Includes game base with lid, 9 puzzle pieces, booklet full of challenges
  • Features 80 challenges to complete - 40 challenges per side
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability

Age 12+